Dear Frustrated Golfer,

Never sweat a 3 footer again? Get rid of the dreaded “3 putt” like it’s a disease that needs to be eradicated? Those are big promises...and I bet you’re thinking “sounds great, but it’s too good to be true.”

Well...you’re wrong!

Here’s the cold hard truth...you may never hit it 300 yards. You may never pull a heroic flop shot out of thin air like Mickelson. Heck, you may never hit laser like iron shots all day long like Zach Johnson.

But you can learn to putt like those guys, because putting requires absolutely zero athletic ability.

Let me repeat that...there is no “talent” or “God given ability” in putting. You can learn to putt just as good as the guys on the PGA Tour, and I’m going to show you how.

Here’s what one of my students recently said:
“It is so much more enjoyable standing over a 4 foot putt knowing with all that I believe that the putt is going in the hole… rather than fearing of lipping it out.”

Want to putt with the same unwavering confidence as that guy? Keep reading…

My name is Jeff Richmond. I am the Director of Instruction for Consistent Golf and in a moment I’ll tell you how you can learn, step-by-step, to become as good a putter as any PGA Tour pro.

But first, you need to understand there is something holding you back.

There’s a nasty problem that is keeping you from putting like the men and women you see on tour.

It isn’t that you need to “practice more,” or need some new tip that you haven’t heard before.

You already know that 43% of golf is putting….and you’ve probably tried a lot of things to improve. So to learn how to putt like a pro you don’t need any more tips or random ideas on how to hole more putts.


Here’s a common “secret of the pros:”

If you want to become as good a putter as a PGA Tour pro you should never practice improving your stroke on a putting green.

Here’s why...

When you miss or make a putt on a green there is basically no feedback as to WHY you missed or made the putt (in terms of your stroke). This lack of feedback is not good and does not help you to improve long term. If anything – it makes your putting stroke worse and more inconsistent.

That’s why so few golfers who practice their putting on the greens actually get much better.

So if you’re practicing your putting and have no feedback on whether or not you just made a good stroke or a bad stroke then you’re just as likely to make the bad stroke a habit.

You’re probably thinking “well Jeff, what is the practice putting green good for then?”


 1. Simulating course conditions (which increases your mental toughness and gets you "prepared for battle").

 2. Improve your feel & touch on the greens so you can hit each putt with the ideal "holing speed."

 3. Practice how to read greens from a variety of angles & positions (uphill, downhill, left to right, right to left) so that green reading becomes more natural when you're on the course.

That’s it. If you’re trying to groove a perfect putting stroke on the greens, you’re severely hurting your chances of improving your putting over the long haul.

Unfortunately, I learned these things the hard way.

The good news for you is that my “failures” (which ultimately lead to success) means that you don’t have to waste months, even years running on the hamster wheel seeking “putting perfection.”

You see, when I was much younger I had dreams of playing on tour. And when I putted well I could easily score in the 60’s. But when my putting was bad I was scoring mid to high 70’s and that was happening way too often.

I was a great ball striker...but to put it bluntly, my putting flat out sucked. Hitting the ball like a pro and putting like a 20 handicap is not fun...at all.

I would consistently have birdie putts in the 6-12 foot range on par 4s only to lip out, or worse never even hit the hole. It was embarrassing to be quite honest.

But you know what was even worse?

I would be on par 5’s in two consistently, only to 3 putt and walk off with a par. It was beyond frustrating. I was at my wits end. Here I was, playing with guys who were not nearly as good of a ball-striker as I was, yet they were cleaning my clock because they could roll their rock.

I was desperate to putt better. If I couldn’t find a solution to improve my putting fast I might as well go ahead and start folding polos in the pro shop.

So what did I do? I headed off to the putting green to practice even more.

I also bought putting books, read putting tips in magazines, purchased putting videos, went to pro’s for putting lessons, bought new putters, tried putting gadgets...the list goes on.

I’m sure if they had the Internet back then I would have watched 100 videos a day on Youtube trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my putting!

Anyway, I tried to put all the random tips and advice I received together to try and improve my putting but you know what happened?

I ended up confused, frustrated...and got worse instead of better!

I couldn’t believe it….here I was spending hours on the greens trying to putt better, killing my back, hands, and fingers in the process, only to get worse!

So I vowed at that point I was going to become a great putter. And when I did, I was going to teach as many other golfers as possible how to do the same, because I know how painful poor putting is.

Unfortunately...it took me a lot longer than I expected (years in fact).

Here’s the reality...there is so much BAD advice on what it takes to become a great putter. And it took me so long to find out all the essential ingredients needed to become a great putter that I missed my chance of playing on Tour.

Looking back on doing that, it’s amazing to me how just one or two missing ingredients can mean a golfer can always remain a poor putter.

To become a great putter you need ALL the ingredients to do it. Like a food recipe….if you’re missing one or two essential ingredients you’ll sadly never become a great putter.


As a result I brush 3 footers in all day long without even a hint of anxiety (I don’t even ask for gimmies anymore). I lag long putts close to the hole leaving easy, stress-free tap-ins. I haven’t 3 putted even once during my last 6 rounds of golf.

Oh and did I mention I also putt well under pressure and I enjoy playing golf so much more now?

Once I completed my study into becoming as good a putter as any PGA Tour pro I then started to share the system with other golfers who suffered from poor putting, and the results were amazing.

Here’s just a few examples of what golfers have achieved from going through this putting improvement program…

"I now believe I can truly sink every putt."

“It is so much more enjoyable standing over a 4 foot putt knowing with all that I believe that the putt is going in the hole…rather than fearing of lipping it out.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the help this has made in my putting…people at the golf course are constantly saying to me…great putt…I used to have a lot of fear of missing short putts…more so than not getting a long one close. That fear is gone and has been replaced with confidence in my stroke and my putts…my whole game has gotten better.

I now believe I can truly sink every putt.

I haven’t seen anything like this…basically I would just pick up little things by reading books by Tiger and Harvey Penick. I would try them for a while but always resort back to old habits.

I can’t wait to get to the course. It’s a lot more fun playing golf and putting when you know that you are doing it correctly and to the best of your abilities. It’s always more fun doing something when you are good at it and believe in yourself. I love to look at the faces of my golfing buddies and the shaking of their heads after sinking a long birdie putt. It’s a great feeling to sink a long putt, a short downhill 3 foot breaker, a long downhill double breaker, all of them. I love it!”

- Steve Scherer (Georgia, USA)

"Now I have confidence in my putting and improvements in accuracy."

“After completing this putting improvement program I have more confidence and accuracy in putting, and better relaxation for every shot.

I’ve never seen anything like this as most putting tuition I’ve seen covers the basics of picking the line, setup and stroking. But yours goes not a step further, but a mile further on every aspect of the task, and the feedback from the aids is invaluable in helping the player to see their faults.

The putting drills you gave us give a clear explanation of what to do and then in many cases you get feedback on whether you are doing it right. Now I have confidence in my putting and improvements in accuracy. This means I’m playing better golf.”

- Phil Wilkin (Melbourne, Australia)

"After completing the program my putting average is 28.6!"

“Before I started this putting improvement program my putting average per round was 36.8. After completing the program my putting average is 28.6!

My putting is now not holding back my golf game.

I have read golf books which have sections on putting but they only scratch the surface. This program rebuilds your putting game from scratch plus much more. I enjoy playing golf more now after completing this putting program because the putting side of my game is under control. I liked the fact that you had to forget about everything you had done in the past and rebuild a new putting game.”

- John Sutton (Christchurch, New Zealand)

"Everything about my putting game has improved..."

“Since starting this program my putting has improved by 14.4 putts per round.

Before starting this program I averaged 42.4 putts per round. Now I average 28 putts per round!

Everything about my putting game has improved, starting from my position over the ball, confidence, putter alignment, rhythm, and speed control. My whole attitude has changed when it comes to the putting game.

What you’ve explained and demonstrated in this program, are the things I’ve struggled with for a long time and you have a way of making the hard easy.

I’ve paid a lot of money on lessons and books but no one has explained it this way. The biggest benefits for me are lower scores per round, I played golf for 8 years and I have never been under par until now. I am happy that my putting game has improved a great deal, and that I have not wasted my time on something that doesn’t work.”

- Harvey Jones (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"I feel like I can compete with anyone."

“I’m feeling more comfortable with my putter. Also more relaxed and confident. I’m doing less thinking when putting. The instructions are explained very well. I can see the putts going in before I putt.

My confidence level has skyrocketed. Knowing I can make the putt and just putt. I believe I can make every putt I take. I attribute this to confidence and frame of mind I use to worry will I miss this putt. Now I think about the ball going in the cup I have felt more relaxed and in tune with my inner self. Being relaxed while playing golf does wonders for the game.

My putting has improved so much. I feel confident and know that I can make any putt. My stroke no longer has the yips, it’s a nice smooth swing.

I feel like I can compete with anyone. I an thankful that you allowed me to be a part of this revolutionary method of learning to putt the right way. I enjoy golf 110 % more now. And once on the green I am king. Thank you.”

- Richard Medica (Connecticut, USA)


As good as The Putting Game Improvement program is… sometimes you’ll just want to get some personal advice about your current problem. And when you get The Putting Game Improvement Program now you can send me any golfing questions or problems (within 6 months of your order) and you’ll get a response back from me personally (Jeff Richmond) within 24-48 hours (generally sooner) Monday-Friday.

Valued at $150


When you get The Putting Game Improvement program now you’ll get one free video lesson to redeem when you want – in the next 6 months. So simply send me your putting stroke on video and I will analyze your stroke and send you back advice and a plan on what are the main things you need to work on improving.

Valued at $100


When you get The Putting Game Improvement Program today, you’ll also receive a special, 9 minute, mental training session designed to give you the One-Putt Mindset. And you can do this mental training session right at your computer.

When you use this training module you’ll be programming your mind to hole your first putt, which naturally will help you to lower your scores. Plus when you use this training module you’ll discover it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done to improve your putting….because you can do it with your eyes closed!
Valued at $14.95


There’s no doubt about it….3 putting is one of the most frustrating parts of golf because every time you do it you’ve wasted at least one shot.
Just imagine if you stopped 3 putting.

How many shots will you save when you do that?Well, in this ebook you’re going to learn…

 The crucial things you need to work on to stop 3 putting for good.
 How to improve your lag putting.
 How to hole more short putts with confidence.
 How to read greens like a book.
 The simple technique to predict how fast (or slow) a putt will be.
 Plus much, much more!

John Baker
Oregon, USA
“Every game I would have 5 – 6 three putts. It was killing me! I tried a lot of things to fix this without success. I read this report with a lot of skepticism but I tried some of the suggestions out of desperation. Before long my 3 putts started getting less and just yesterday I had a round without a 3 putt. I am over the moon! Thanks for putting this report together. The advice was simple, to the point and most importantly….worked!!!!”

Valued at $29.95


When you get The Putting Game Improvement Program today you’ll also be able to download FREE the digital version (i.e. you can download it to your computer) of a golfing confidence CD that has been sold for $24.95.

This audio exposes you to a secret mental technique that some of the top professional golfers in the world have used to automatically program their minds for golfing success. After 30 days of continuous listening to this audio this is what you can expect….

 Improved confidence and concentration on the golf course.
 Makes golf easier and more fun.
 Helps to eliminate fear when playing any shot.
 It will save you practice time because you can have the audio playing in the background and be doing what you normally would, while your golf game is being improved!

This audio has been sold as a CD for $24.95 and has been used by thousands of golfers all around the world. But this digital audio (2 mp3′s) is yours FREE when you get The Putting Game Improvement program now. And here’s just one comment from a golfer who has listened to this audio…

Ted Baxter
Oregon, USA
“My handicap has slipped out from a 12 to a 18 over the last 6 months or so. It was all a mental thing. I started listening to this audio and my old confidence started coming back as if by magic. Within a couple of months of having this audio playing my golf game has improved so much I’m back to where I was 6 months ago. I can’t believe it! When you hear people say that golf is 90% mental they’re right!”

Valued at $29.95


If you can’t improve your scores significantly with all of these products...you may need to find a new hobby (kidding!).

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But if you don’t join now you’ll probably always have problems with your putting and you’ll always feel frustrated with your putting game.


Aren’t you sick and tired of missing so many putts? Aren’t you tired of seeing those 3 and 4 footers lipout? And aren’t you sick of 3 putting several times per round?

If you can’t putt, it’s very hard to have fun on the golf course!

Just imagine playing each and every round of golf knowing that your putting was a strength instead of a weakness. Imagine how much stress that would take off of the rest of your game.

When you can putt, you can shoot a good score even when you aren’t hitting the ball well...it’s just that simple.

The confident feeling you’re looking for? It will never happen unless you take action and create better habits. And now for a mere $47 (probably less than the cost of your next greens fee) you could become the putter you’ve always dreamed of.

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